Basic Practices To Get Targeted Traffic

Want to make cash with your website? Do you know how to drive targeted traffic that converts your visitors to clients? Sales and traffic define your success in a Home Based Business, yet for many, the cost of generating targeted traffic can quickly drive your new businesses out of business. Certainly “Free is Best” so top ratings in organic search engine results are the solution. With millions of websites and billions of web pages already indexed, how can you fight for this traffic?

The simple answer is SEO; but it can also be very difficult. This term is known as search engine optimization. While the term specifically refers to developing your website in a style that helps the search engines index the site the way you want them to, the physical act of Search Engine Optimization can become quite complicated.

For starters, you have keywords. A keyword is simply a word or phrase that a guest might type into the search engine to find your website or product. It can be a single word or a group of words creating a key phrase. Not long ago all you had to do to show up at the top of the search results was to have more incoming links then everyone else. Today though, it is much more tricky. You still need links, but they have to be from trusted and relevant sites. These sites need to use keywords in the links relative to your keywords and content. As a result, the person who has more incoming links from appropriate sites with a exact anchor text will show up higher in the rankings.

However, this still doesn’t mean that the website or the pages in question will ever be indexed. The search engines can only index so many variables and with so many website running content management systems that generate pages dynamically, there tends to be too many variables. As a result, the concept of search engine friendly links was developed. This procedure makes use of a well-known server-side control method which allows you or the procedure to rewrite the link in a style in which there are no variables in it; only text. This is a good way of boosting your Page Ranking, although there seems to a question lately of whether or not Page Rank is imperative any longer.

Of course this is not all search engine optimization is about. You’ll need to focus on things like headings, keywords, and keyword density to optimize your site. Having too many keywords may seem like a good thing; but it’s not. At the same time, you have to settle on which keywords on a page are more central and show their importance through the use of bold fonts and headings.

In the end, if you make the effort to apply the basic principles of search engine optimization for your website, it will allow the search engines to index your website faster and for the words you would like to compete for. It’s a balancing act so be careful and don’t go overboard with SEO, you can appear as spammer to engines in which case you can be de-indexed.

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